Tale of the Tape

Every ship modeler has secrets. This is mine while building up a styrene hull for a 500′ freighter. At least 125 pieces of tape, and counting! The top and bottom of the sides have to follow the curves of the deck (top) and bottoms (bottom). The curves are not the same and on this ship (the Beavercove) there was a knife bow and a rounded cruiser stern. It took a day to cut all the pieces, and today to put it together, with filler used to smooth out the compound curves and seams. This has open holds, although the construction visible in some means I’ll probably leave them closed. If I decide to open them, then I’ll hide the center braces by cutting them down and putting crates on top of the pile. After ten years I completely redrew the hull parts, and the fit was superb compared to earlier efforts. It takes a while to master  this 2D type of construction.

Hull of 499' Freighter under construction
Tape serves as clamps to hold the sides to the top and bottom.