730′ Edmund Fitzgerald-Class Laker

5993algosteelfrontoverallLaunched in 1958, the Edmund Fitzgerald was the first of the Lakers to exploit the enlarged locks that previously restricted length to about 610 feet and beam to about 60 feet. At 729′ long, with a beam of 75′ and cargo capacity of 25,000 tons, the Fitzgerald soon set records for tonnage and performance. Modeled here is the Algosteel, a 735′ sister ship with one added deck forward for luxury suites. The model is 55″ long and 5.625″ wide. Many were fitted with self-unloading mechanisms with a reach of about 250′, and conveyors in the holds. This allowed the Lakers to offload at virtually any facility where there was sufficiently deep water. Many of the class are still operating.


5988algosteelliving-quartersThe model has 22 correctly sized and spaced hatches, as well as the traveling hatch crane. The self unloader takes up one hatch. The hatches can be modeled either open or covered.The model features custom photo etch railings and stairways, and many custom-built details, including windlass, winches, deck ventilators, quadrant davits, life boats, skylights, accommodation ladder and much more. The models are available in both N and Z scale. Shown here is a N scale model completed in late 2016 for a railroad planning an unloading site without cranes.5982algosteel-stern

Prices without the self-unloader are $2350.00 for a completely built model and $575 for the kit. Both built-ups and kits are assembled on an as-ordered basis, so there will be delays in shipping. The kits contain a large amount of sheet styrene (and brass), and are not recommended for beginning modelers. These will only be sold to customers who assert that the hull construction and the cambered hatch coamings and hatch covers are within their modeling capabilities. Insurance and shipping are additional charges.

For the self unloader, please visit    5424SelfUnloaderBowSingle

4.1C 730′ Edmund Fitzgerald-class Laker

A complete model of the Edmund Fitzgerald with many options for superstructure, paint coloirs, and other modifications, including a telescoping 250′ self unloader. Includes US shipping; International shipping is about $85–inquire at peterknolan@gmail.com


4.1K 730′ Edmund Fitzgerald-class Laker KIT

Kit includes 3D printed superstructure, hatches and coamings, stack and other details. US shipping included; international is about $60 but inquire at peterknolan@gamil.com


2 thoughts on “730′ Edmund Fitzgerald-Class Laker

  1. Love this model. Always wanted to build a model of the Fitz. I suppose custom mods could be made to model the Fitz? How do you go about ensuring that your customers can create the prerequisites?

    • Essentially I cut those customers the parts for the Fitz. There is a small upcharge. The Fitz “cruiser” stern hull sections require a different method of construction. I’ve done it but not documented it, so that mod is a the buyer’s risk.

      I’m not sure I have an exact match for the stack but trust modelers intent on accuracy will be able to modify one of my stacks or make their own. I have the drawings for the Fitz superstructure front and rear. I usually don’t introduce a ship until I’ve had a chance to build it myself, as most modifications take two or three iterations to be totally “fair.” I’m still basically a two-person shop (up from a one-person shop) so it’s hard to keep up with suggestions.

      The Fitz had other special characteristics and those i would leave for the modeler to make.


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