Large Santa Fe & PRR Tugs

Completed Models Reduced 52% to $350—Kits Reduced 33% to $150—N and Z Available.

After WWII, the US Army sold many of its Large Tugs at a very low price, sometimes as compensation for tugs requisitioned during the war. The two Santa Fe tugs served on many routes around San Francisco Bay from 1947 to 1985, when the ATSF shut down its ferry operations in San Francisco Bay. They were 142 feet long, and about 450 tons. The PRR also purchased four for its Chesapeake Bay marine operations.

Here’s the ATSF John R. Hayden:

And here’s the Paul P. Hastings:


The Hayden and Hastings wore identical color schemes until sometime in the early 1970s. By 1975, the Hastings sported more and more yellow, with even the stack topping painted yellow. Here it is still black, as in about 1972, as far as I can tell. The railings and ladders stayed ATSF blue.

The PRR purchased four of these competent, powerful and seaworthy tugs for Chesapeake Bay operations. Here is the Bloxom:




While most tugs are “cute,” I consider these tugs to be handsome brutes, but not too big for even a small harbor scene. First run of seven ships is available immediately–but only one Hastings is in the run. Further boats will be built when ordered, as the casting is straightforward, making one at a time production feasible.

Price is now US $675. Kit price will be about $225. Completed models are now $350 plus shipping—Kits are now $150 plus shipping. Hull supply is limited and the molds are broken.

Instructions for building the kit are available at

More Specs:
•    Masters extensively researched and derived from drawings and photos.
•    Cast resin hull and superstructure. Styrene bridge.
•    Custom photo-etch railings with the correct height and stanchion spacing
•    Custom-built davits, anchor mount, towing winch, and towing bitts.
•    Custom decals for both ATSF and PRR (very limited supply)
•    Custom built tanks, skylights, radar, and telescoping brass mast.
•    Shipping in the US is usually about $20 for kits and $40 for completed models including insurance.

The 260′ long Santa Fe car ferry and a matching dock are also available. The 363′ long PRR car ferry is available on commission.

Here’s a view of the Z scale Hastings at a dock on Sven Rohmann’s module,PaulHastingsTug

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