Ranger 4200-Class Fireboat

N Scale Ships has begun production of  the Ranger 4200-class fireboats, the newest, largest and most powerful fireboats in the US. The Robert Allan Ltd. design is 140′ long, 36′ in beam, with 8,000 hp driving four propellers, capable of 18+ knots and 50,000 gallons per minute. The first two ships serve the largest U.S. East Coast port.
In N scale the ship measures 10.5″ (267 mm)  long with a beam of 2.7″ (67 mm).  It is 3″ (76 mm) high to the top of the pilot house, plus mast and antennae.
The hull is cast resin. The multi-deck styrene superstructure is complex, with many small recesses, compound curves and delicate parts. All three forward spaces can be built with interior details. The kit includes 11 custom fire cannons, and all railings, stairways and deck fittings,
A built-up model is $449 plus shipping.



The kit is $149 plus shipping. Decals are free to purchasers.

2 thoughts on “Ranger 4200-Class Fireboat

    • This model has a cast resin hull, which would be prohibitive in cost to mold and cast in larger scales. I have not been able to build or maintain an inventory of common parts such as railings and bollards and in this case the fire monitor. I’m not sure this hull would scale up easily and the market for this size waterline ship in larger scales is probably quite limited.

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