Changes At NScale Ships

Due to health problems, I have to make some changes. Some of the bigger ships will not be available as kits after September 1, 2022. My digital cutters are simply wearing out and while I can use slightly miscut parts, I cannot send them out to customers. Some of the smaller ships will be discontinued when the stock of resin-casted hulls runs out. I’ve learned to my dismay that silicon molds do not age well.

On the brighter side 3D printing of much of the superstructure and most of the details means some ships will remain available. But 3D printing sometimes takes huge amounts of time–up to ten hours per house. While they operate unattended, they are still fussy machines.

Often with balky machines it takes as much time to put together a kit as it takes to build the model. I can fuss with miscut pieces; customers can not.

Over the next months, I’ll be revising this website to reflect the changes. I know I’m often behind with the website, especially on-site ordering. I have a bunch of new ships that I haven’t introduced yet. I’m recovering but it is slow.

Please contact me at if you would like to discuss the availability of any ship. You can also call me at 505-620-7803. I love to talk ships!

Peter Nolan

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