Famous Edna G. Tugboat

NEW! Now with 3D-printed superstructure and deck details that make assembly much faster! No more tedious build-ups of the houses and deck details like the mooring bitts. There are only a limited number of cast resin hulls available.5071EdnaG STBD ProfileThe Edna G from Twin Harbors, MN, is now available from N Scale Ships. This model was developed from measurements of the actual museum ship, which served from 1896 to 1981. I have since been informed that these measurements were not official and may have been inaccurate. A 103′ hull can be easily made from the existing cast resin part which measures 106′ but with a generous stern bumper.5063EdnaG StBDProfile 3-4Bow

It is constructed with a cast resin hull, a precision cut styrene superstructure, custom brass railings and stairways derived from the actual ship, and many cast resin parts and details. The fire monitor is a 3D printed part especially designed for the Edna G. The 3-D printed superstructure allows for interior details and lighting. Modelers planning on extensive interiors may opt for the styrene superstructure which will remain available.

5067EdnaG PortStern3-4

The kit is $99.00 plus $10 shipping; a complete built-up is $299.00 plus $30 shipping. Contact peterknolan@gmail.com for ordering details. Paypal to the same address is preferred but other arrangements can be made.

2 thoughts on “Famous Edna G. Tugboat

  1. was considering purchase of model, but vessel physically field checks at 102 feet in length…. kindly advise if the model’s “extensive measurements of the actual museum ship” are scaled at 110′ as noted above or at 102′

  2. Without the generous margins for the top rail and stern rub rail, it measures 104.6′. The margins were meant to be reduced after casting. Reducing the length to 102′ would not be difficult. The measurement of 102′ is from what point to what point? Is it overall length from top of bow toprail to stern rub strip? I’ll reduce the hull for you, but now every other measurement is in question. I took the word of a team that measured the boat. I’ll also be glad to redo the hull with certified dimensions. I took this on more than two years ago for a project that fell through.

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