Péniche or Spits Barge in N and Z Scale

péniche (or spits in Dutch) is a steel motorized inland waterway barge of up to 350 tonnes’ capacity. Péniche barges were built to fit the post-1880s French waterways and the locks of Freycinet gauge.

They are 38.50m (126 ft) long and 5.05 m (16.6 ft) wide. The specification is still applied for commercial navigation as Class I in the Classification of European Inland Waterways. By 2001, 5,800 km (3,604 mi) of navigable waterways in France corresponded to the Freycinet gauge, accounting for 23% of waterborne traffic. (from Wikipedia)

Kits are priced at USD $29.00 plus $7.00 shipping.

Spits Barge in N and Z Scales