Delays due to Stroke

Folks, I had a minor stroke or transient ischemic attack on New Years’ Day. No apparent damage but eight days in the hospital and recovery from a carotid artery surgery have set me back. Your kits will be shipped as soon as I can get back to the workshop. I’ve been having monstrous troubles cutting a 780′ bulk carrier but have taken this hiatus to order new plastic, knives, and cutting strip, as well as swap the heads.

I’ve got one new ship to introduce–a 223′ sidewheeler from Port Charles around 1896. I need to get the 3D printers in top notch shape to print this.

4 thoughts on “Delays due to Stroke

  1. Hi there
    I just found your site from googling intermodal ships as I start thinking about a layout in the new house
    Seeing that you posted this just days ago, I want to wish you well and hope to contact you officially and commercially as I transition from dreaming to planning
    Wishing you health unto 2023 and beyond

  2. Thinking about you, Pete, and hoping that things resolve quickly for you. I had popped onto your site thinking about another project, since our previous one turned out so well. Thank you for all that you do for N scale! Kind regards. – Michael

    • Thanks, Mike. I’m trying to get a whole bunch of ferries up on the website, but have obviously fallen behind. What I do is magic to most people but really not much more than the application of some math to a geometry problem.

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