610′ Great Lakes Bulk Freighter

This model is the USS (United States Steel) William A. Irvin, built in 1938, in service until

610' Great Lakes Bulk Freighter

610′ Great Lakes Bulk Freighter

the 1980s, and now a museum ship in Duluth, Minnesota. It is 610′ long, 60′ in beam, and held many records for tonnage, speed, and loading and unloading until superseded by the 735′ Fitzgerald class (also near production).

The eighteen hatches of the six holds are the correct size and spacing for the loading docks around the Great Lakes. The deck, hatch coamings, and hatch covers are cambered (curved) as the camber was a distinguishing feature of the Lakers. As shown, the hatches are removable to show the holds beneath.


The model features custom photo etch railings and stairways, and many custom-built details, including windlass, winches, deck ventilators, quadrant davits, life boats, skylights, and much more.

A built-up model, custom painted and decaled is $1750.00 US, plus shipping and insurance.

A complete kit containing all details (but not commodities like paint and glue) is $425 US, plus shipping. These will only be sold to customers who guarantee that the hull construction and the cambered hatch coamings and hatch covers are within their modeling capabilities. The styrene parts come in sixteen sheets of up to 48″x 12″ in size.

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