FireBoat Christopher Wheatley Instructions



Glue one side, bottom, back, and two interior supports together as shown. The side aligns at the front. The sides over the bottom. Try to avoid openings with the supports. Save the two doors that are cut completely through. The other doors have small uncut areas. You can use these uncut areas as hinges, or cut door entirely free.


Glue up the other side and add the interior doublers. The doublers rest on top of the bottom. Use the openings for alignment.


Glue the pilot house side to the insides.


Add the last interior support.


Using a strip, build up a structure on the bottom of the pilot house interior support. Let dry thoroughly.


Flip the support structure and install as shown. Let dry: the strength of this structure helps form the windshield. Now is a good time to install the pilot house doors.


Install the windshield by starting at one edge and slow working around. You may have to trim a small amount of material from the bottom of the sides to make the windshield fit. Work around to the other side. Then install the front “hood.” Now is a good time to install acetate for windows.


Glue the roof to the tops of the pilot house sides.


Install the top windows.


Install the second layer of roof, and the strip rear of the pilot house. Close in the front with pieces cut from the strips supplied.

Use pictures for the locations of fire monitors, bitts, small cranes, antenna, smoke stacks and other details.

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