253’ St. Lawrence Canaller

The 253’ canallers were designed and built by Canadian Vickers to rebuild the inland shipping fleet after World War II. The Hall Corporation ordered five steam powered ships in 1947, with seven diesel powered ships added in the 1950s. The were designed for the greatest carrying capacity through the old St. Lawrence Canal and also for limited salt water exposure. They carried about 2000 tons. Some were lengthened to about 324 feet repowered, with a capacity now near 3000 tons. Many served into the 70s and 80s and one is still currently operating. This is a model of one of the canallers as built in 1947. The model is 19 inches long with a beam of 3.28” (484 mm x 84 mm). Hatches can be modeled open or closed. Brass railings and stairways, pewter anchors and searchlight, 3D printed winches and bollards, ventilators, skylight, stack, lifeboat and davits are all included. The hull is a precision cut styrene ”wrap” over hull sections with portholes already cut. Decals are not included unless requested.

The kit for the St. Lawrence Canaller is priced at $179 plus $12 shipping in the US. A completed model is $495 plus $30 shipping. I prefer PayPal although other arrangements can be made.

N Scale Ships nows offers Great Lakes Freighters in these (scale) lengths: 735’, 614’, 416’ and 253’. The same ships are also available in Z scale.