Self-Propelled Tankships in N and Z

60 m Tankship with piping and walkways

All three European barges (95 m, 80 m and 60 m or 312 ft, 262 ft and 197 ft) have been outfitted as self-propelled tankships. These are used extensively along the European river systems and are beginning to be used extensively in the US. The tankers feature multiple tanks with separate pumps and surge tanks, a 3 x 3 load and offload manifold, three main pipes and three high pressure lines for cleaning the tanks. The pilot cabin can be raised and lowered and the forward mast is positionable.

Piping supports, railings, and walkways are supported at 6 ft intervals (1.8 m). Railings, walkways and ladders are photo-etched brass. Major piping in N scale is 3 mm (1/8”) and 1.5 mm (1/16”) Plastruct; in Z the sizes are 2 mm and 1 mm. Modelers could choose wooden dowels, straws or other methods for less expensive piping.

Pricing without piping is $145 for any of the models. The walkways and stairs are in limited supply and may not have a second run, so only a limited number of tankships will be built. Inquire for pricing with the piping included–there is no discount from Plastruct. Also inquire for pricing for completed models: they will be in the USD $500-600 range.