My Winter Hiatus Starts November 30

My wife and I (and the dog) enjoy the warmer winters of northern Alabama over those of unpredictable southern Ohio. This year we plan to spend November 30 through about February 15 in Alabama. Obviously I cannot move my entire operation with us, so many kits will not be available during that time. I do bring a small cuttter and some supplies to fill custom orders. If you would like to order a kit or a built-up during that time, please let me know by November 28, and I’ll either ship it before we leave or bring the necessary gear to ship it from Alabama. Some of the larger ships require many sheets of styrene and extensive brass and cast parts; these can be fulfilled if I know ahead of time.

I spend my work time in Alabama developing new ships and cutting the first prototypes. The new small Cameo cutter has proven to be a delight, but has a tough time cutting through .020″ (0.5 mm) styrene, which the big BlackCat cutter devours, literally and sometimes with a great mess. The old Silhouette SD, stressed repeatedly to near death, has been retired.

Any suggestions for interesting ships for N or Z scale? I plan to do a HandyMax-size bulk freighter in both Z and N. That’s about 620′ (187 m) long by 85′ (26 m) in beam. And perhaps a modern off-shore supply vessel of about 200′ (60 m) length. Or any structures similar to the 250′ (75 m) self-unloader crane that I hope to introduce before leaving?

Thanks all!