81′ Fireboat Wm Lyon Mackenzie Previewed

N Scale Ships is previewing this 81′ fireboat, the fourth in a series. This is a model of the William Lyon Mackenzie, launched in 1964, and refurbished in 2004. The boat is the main fireboat for the City of Toronto’s Fire Services. Built in Owen Sound, Ontario by Russel Brothers Limited, it operates 12 months a year, providing emergency services within Toronto Harbor and the adjacent waters of Lake Ontario.

The fire boat is equipped with:
•    Aerial tower – 54′ Amador/Trump Limited Giraffe (refurbished 2004)
•    Hiab 5 ton crane
•    2 Diesel driven water pumps
•    5 water nozzles


General Characteristics
Type:                 Fireboat-Icebreaker
Tonnage:            102 gt
Displacement:     200 tonnes
Length:               24.7m (81 feet)
Beam:                 6m (20 feet)
Propulsion:          2 x 3412 Caterpillar Diesel
Speed:                12 knots (13.8 mph; 22.2 km/h) – max 22km/hr
Complement:       3, (can use boost crew of 4)
Crew:                  22
[i]Source: Wikipedia[/i]

The model has a cast resin hull, and styrene superstructure. The pilot house and aerial platform contain small, delicate parts requiring a medium level of modeling skill to assemble. Release date for the kit is anticipated to be June 2014. Shown is the prototype without railings, life rafts, water cannons and other small topside details, which will be added upon my return to Ohio. Prices will be about $60 for the kit, and $210 for a built-up.

Three Fireboats Coming This Spring

RAnger 4200

The newest, largest and most powerful fireboats in the US, the Ranger 4200-class is 140′ long, 36′ in beam, with 8,000 hp driving four propellers, capable of 18 knots. The ship serves the largest U.S. East Coast port.


Shown is the hull and superstructure constructed during my 2013-2014 winter stay in Alabama, without the railings, stairways, fire cannons and fittings that are back in Ohio.


The hull is cast resin. The multi-deck styrene superstructure is complex, with many small recesses, compound curves and delicate parts, and requires advanced modeling skills. All three forward spaces can be built with interior details. A built-up model will be $450; the kit will be $149. The fire boom assembly may be added cost.

Chicago Fireboat Christopher Wheatley

The newest Chicago fireboat is a unique design for the shallow rivers and restricted height bridges around the city. It is 90′ long, 25′ in beam, and only 16′ high with its mast folded down.


Shown is the hull and superstructure, with details available upon my return to Ohio. The hull is cast resin. The styrene superstructure is fairly easy to build, for a ship. The interior of the bridge can be detailed. A built-up model will be $299; the kit will be $99. The fire boom assembly may be added cost.

80′ Fireboat/Harbor Tug

Many smaller fireboats were originally tugboats outfitted with auxiliary take-offs or engines for fire cannons.


This model represents a steam-powered 80′ long fireboat with a 20′ beam. As many of these long-lived boats were converted to diesel, a small diesel stack is available. The hull is one-piece cast resin; the main and pilot house are an easy build from styrene.


Railings, ladders, fire cannons and other details will be included upon my return to Ohio. The interior of the pilot house is open and can be detailed. A built-up model is $199; the kit will be $69.

When I get back to Ohio in February (unless the weather remains horrid), I’ll show them with full details