131’ Fishing Trawler Lady Greenenough

The Lady Greenenough (pronounced Green-oh?) is typical of many of the modern larger trawlers working all over the world. It can deploy nets from the rear or from either side. Twin diesels provide an all-electric or electric-hydraulic capabilities on the prototype. The model shows some of the first parts off my 3D printer: the trawler reels, rear cranes and clamshell life raft. The ship is suitable for any time after World War II to the present. Other 3D parts are the large and small winches and the bollards. Fine but sturdy photo etched brass gives you the best looking railings, ladders and stairways available. The hull is cast resin and the superstructure precision-cut sheet styrene that accommodates the proper upward sweep from midship to bow.


In N scale the ship is 9.84” (250 mm) long. 2.84” (72 mm) in beam, 5.5” (140 mm) tall to the top of the mast, and 3.54” tall to the top of the pilot house array. That’s 131’ long, 37.8’ in beam and 73.5’ to the top of the mast. Masts were often shortened or hinged for lower clearances.

In Z scale the ship is 7.16” (181 mm) long, 2.06” (52 mm) in beam, 4” (101 mm) to the top of the mast and 2.58” to the top of the pilot house arrays.

In the US kits are $125 plus shipping; completed models are $275 plus shipping. Shipping for a kit should be in the $15 range. Shipping for a completed model is about $50. Internationally please inquire to peterknolan@gmail.com.

Payments can be made via PayPal to peterknolan@gmail.com. On-line ordering will be implemented within the next few months.