New 266’ and 335’ Modern Container Ships (Also 415’!)

These two new container ships are scaled from the 375’ Container Ship introduced some years ago, giving modelers a wider choice based on the size of their ports. 

266' Container Ship
266-foot long Container Ship

The 266’ ship, here decorated in the colors of the Jersey Central Railroad, is based on a four 40-foot bay version, plus a bow bay for 20’ containers or miscellaneous cargo. The main bays can be four or five containers wide on deck and a maximum three containers high. Underdeck storage would be approximately 12 containers per bay or 48 total. This results in a TEU (Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit) maximum capacity of 200. The model is 510 mm long (20 inches) by 82 mm wide (3.22 inches). The house is four stories high, with two free-standing hydraulic cranes.

Stern view of 266-foot Container Ship

A built-up model, custom painted and decaled is $750.00 US, plus shipping and insurance. A complete kit containing all details (but not commodities like paint and glue) is $275 US, plus shipping. Payments are preferred via PayPal to

House details on 266-foot Container Ship

The 335’ ship, here shown as a bare hull for size comparison, is the 375’ Container Ship with one 40-foot bay removed. Adding a bay to the 375’ ship results in a 415’ container ship. Prices are the same as the 375-footer: $950.00 plus shipping for a completed model and $475 plus shipping for a kit.