487′ First Generation Container Ship

This is a 487′ long 1st generation container ship that would have entered service in the mid-70s. It uses a modified tanker hull but its interior was purpose-built for containers and modern, compact power plants. It has six full-width hatches (seven containers wide)and six wide fore and aft hatches. This means its capacity was about 1000 TEUs, or 500 containers. These are nearing end of life, but are still used between smaller ports, and as feeder ships.

487' T2/T3 Converted to Container Ship (Mid-1970s)

487′ T2/T3 Converted to Container Ship (Mid-1970s)

The model is built with cast resin bow, stern and hatches, built up styrene for the middle section of the hull and superstructure, custom photo-etched railings and stairways, and many custom details such as winches, masts, ventilators, davits and lifeboat. The model is 36.5″ long. The midsection hull can be extended up to 80′ or shortened up to 100′ in about 20′ intervals by custom order.

Here’s a closer look at the superstructure. The rear bracing structure can also be supplied for other hatches.4262EvergreenFront of House

And here’s a view from the stern. The ship is of the Ever-Spring class built for Evergreen shipping.4264EvergreenStern&House

A built-up model, custom painted and decaled is $1250.00 US, plus shipping and insurance. Extending or shortening the hull is an extra $50 US.
A complete kit containing all details (but not commodities like paint and glue) is $475 US, plus shipping.

4 thoughts on “487′ First Generation Container Ship

  1. I have a 38 inch wooden container ship I bought on e-bay that I am modifying to use with an n scale layout it is an early American Presidents Line container ship like the van buren and others. To make the deck more to scale I want to replace the superstructure with a more modern design. Would you sell me a kit to build the superstructure that you sell with Your evergreen container ship kit?

  2. I built a container cargo with an n scale functioning Container Crane from Brawa, rails, etc.
    But I needed a ship to complete this layout. Now that I finaly have seen n scale container ships, how can I get one of them, particullarly the 487’ FIRST GENERATION as a kit and about 475 $ plus shiping?. Is it possible to ship it to my addres in Valencia, Spain?

    • Hello Juan,

      I am currently reviewing which container ships will stay in production.

      The 487′ First Gen Container Ship is available, but it is pretty crude compared to the 375′ Modern Feeder Container Ship, which is now available in versions of these lengths: 266′ (81 m), 335′ (102 m), the original 375′ (114 m), 415′ (126 m) and 455′ (139 m). The widths of the hulls increase with length. I also have similar (as yet unannounced) “Large” container ships of 500′ (152 m) and 640′ (195 m) that are much broader in beam.

      The original 487′ ship has a very heavy resin cast bow and stern, which makes it expensive to ship internationally–probably $70 to $80 USD, perhaps as much as $100. I can provide an all styrene hull version of the kit that ships for about $50–I just haven’t introduced it yet. It will retail for less that $475–probably about $375 (plus shipping). This hull is far stronger and does not require joining three pieces along the length of the vessel, an assembly that has proven difficult for some modelers.

      Please feel free to communicate with me at peterknolan@gmail.com about your desires for a container ship, and we may be able to modify an existing kit to fit them precisely.


      Peter Nolan

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