145′ German Oceanographic Research Ship

The 145′ Capella is an oceanographic research/survey ship registered to the German Federal Ministry of Transport. Launched in 2004, it has visited many ports around the North and Baltic seas. With only a 5.3′ (1.6 m) draft, it can operate in small ports and rivers.


The two expedition craft, as well as their cranes, are custom fabrications for this model. It is a handsome ship that can be outfitted for different research missions on its spacious rear decks. A modern design that is similar to other small research vessels around the world, it is often “King” of the small harbors it visits.

Capella from stern

Capella from stern

A built up model is $750.00 plus insurance and shipping. The kit is $125 and, since it contains many new castings, is assembled on an on-order basis.

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