C3 Break Bulk Freighter Beavercove in N


The Beavercove and her three sisters were built in 1947 for the Canadian Pacific company by the British Admiralty to replace four freighters requisitioned and sunk during WWII. These were 499′ in overall length and 60′ in beam, displaced about 20,000 tons, and steamed at about 20 knots. They accommodated 20 first-class passengers in large cabins on the promenade deck, and offered fine meals in the restaurant. Initially serving the South America to England route, the Beavercove was renamed the Maplecove when transferred to Pacific Ocean service, then renamed back to Beavercove when transferred back to the Atlantic. They sailed as liners into the early 1970s, when they were sold for secondary routes and eventually broken up.


The N scale version of this ship measures 951 mm (37.43″) long and 114 mm (4.5″) in beam. In Z scale the ship measures 692 mm (27.23″) by 83 mm (3.26″). These are large waterline ships that are detailed to museum quality. A partial list of features includes:


Correct sweep and camber of the graceful hull and main house

Intricate bulwalk and hatch coaming bracing

Custom drawn and fabricated photo-etched railing

Open holds (if desired) for showing unloading/loading operations

Correctly dimension ringed posts (12) and booms (30).

Custom made cowl ventilators, boom rests, 22 winches, winch stands, davits. A/C units, stack, accommodation ladders, and much more.

Details such as ventilation grilles in the mast houses, fire hose troughs, guides for the hatch planks, and doors than can be positioned throughout the ship.

Bridge can be detailed on the interior as desired.

Full, in-scale rigging.

And much more.

5389StbDSternThese are special order ships. Allow one-month for a built-up model, and about two weeks for kits. The kits are for experienced marine modelers who do not need step-by-step instructions. The built-up model is USD $4,000. Kits are $565 in N and Z, as there is a tremendous amount of styrene and brass for each kit. For brass posts and telescoping booms, add $35 to kit prices.


These are the culmination of eight years of work to achieve this level of accuracy and detail.


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    • The Beavercove price is currently €3750. Shipping to the Netherlands is about €100. I am not familiar with the Netherlands customs duties. The price is the same for N scale or Z scale. You may order by contacting me at peterknolan@gmail.com. I accept Paypal, credit cards, or direct wire transfers.

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