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My ships feature many custom built details and parts, as few were available in the correct scales. Good quality 1:192 parts are available, but are expensive, rising in price, and usually undersized for N scale. So I built my own masters for small boats, winches, windlasses, davits, skylights, hatches—just about anything visible on a ship. As I needed many details—up to 30 winches for a break bulk freighter—I made molds and began casting the parts.

I also drew my own railings, stairways, ladders, and small structures such as pilot houses, and commissioned a firm to photo-etch them in brass or stainless steel.

I’ve been asked many times for items such as rigid inflatable boats. I decided to sell some of my parts separately, to fill a gap in the market, even though it is not my main business. The cast parts may require some trimming and sanding, and may have small voids that need to be filled. Some castings are pretty crude, but I finish them up as needed. Please bear with me as I sort through posting images of all of them, and getting a shopping cart on-line.

Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIB)4097ThreeRHIBs

21’ Rescue Boat                                             5.00

27’ Mission Boat Standard                           6.00

27’ Mission Boat Extended Range              7.00

Three Pack (one of each)                             15.00

Cabin enclosures are in the works.

Modern Enclosed Rescue Boats

25′ N scale Rescue Boat                                4485NRescueBoat25'6.00







26′ Z Scale Rescue Boat                               6.004482ZRescueBoat26'





Small Craft and Rescue Boats

21’ Lifeboat                                          4.003970Lifeboat21foor







23’ Motor Craft                                    4.004492NMotorLaunch23'






25′ Motor Life Boat                               4.004488NMotorLifeBoat25'








28’ Motor Craft or Sailboat            5.003957Boat27Foot






23’ Small Boat Hull Shell            4.003961BoatShell23Foot







23’ Longboat Shell            OOS

Outboard Motors

6-cylinder (pack of three)            5.00

4-cylinder (pack of three)            5.00

Smoke Stacks

Large Tug/Medium Freighter            7.00

Modern Diesel            7.00

Small Cutter/Patrol Craft            5.003965SmallPatrolStack

Cargo Hatches (All 20’ Wide)

20’, 24’, 28’, 32’ 36’ Long (price one)            4.00

Three Pack (same length)            11.00

Large Freighter Pack (20, 2-28, 2-32, 36, 6 in all)            22.00

Mast Houses for Early C-2, C-3 Freighters            4.00

Electric Cargo Winches

5 to 15-ton capacity (pack of three)            6.00

Freighter Pack (20)            35.00

Anchor Windlasses/Winches—Hand-Made            OOS

Booby Hatches (pack of three)            6.00


Large Freighter            5.003963Skylights

Tug/Patrol Craft (pack of two)            4.00

Ready Lockers (pack of three)            6.00

Tall Capstans (pack of two)            OOS

Tug Boat Tall Towing Bitts            OOS

Solid Stairway (8’ high, 11 risers, pack of three)            3.003966SolidStairs

Photo Etched Brass Stairways—120 scale feet—Sold Out            OOS

Photo Etched Three-Rail Railing—480 scale feet—Sold Out            OOS

5”/38 Dual Turret (pack of three)            16.0039515InchTwinTurrets

5”/38 Single Turret (pack of three)            14.00

Modern Auto Rapid Fire Turret (Limited Availability)            6.003956RapidFireTurret

Z Scale 40’ Ribbed Container            2.00

Ten Pack            17.50

N Scale 40’ Ribbed Container            2.25

Ten Pack            20.00

12 thoughts on “N Scale Parts

  1. Pete, you really need some pics here. Do you have any in another format such as a .pdf? I would like to see what you have before I plunk down any cash.

  2. Have you finished the new dock for the ATSF car ferry? Can you send a picture or drawing of the new dock?
    My friend whose layout we are working on is ready to buy.

    • I’ve sent you a pdf file of the new dock, which replaces the old dock. I’m a bit behind in taking pictures of my smaller ships and accessories. The bridge of the new dock is positionable, but the tracks do not “bloom” outward to standard spacing.

    • Doug,

      This project has been postponed, and could be cancelled. The Lakers have not been successful, with those expressing interest in them not buying them. It might be a chicken-and-egg situation, but until I see more sales of the Lakers, I doubt I’ll see much interest in or sales of the docks. Also, like the container cranes, it may be that building the docks out of structural parts will be simpler than any structure I could develop. Building them from structural parts will be expensive. But the parts are so expensive that I have no margin to make them worthwhile.

  3. ‘Any plans to make N scale railings and stairs available again? I build riverboats in N scale, so could use some!

    • They are available now. I am behind on this website! Drop me an email to peterknolan@gmail.com with what you need. Stairways are available in different widths, but supply of wider widths is limited. Price for railings is $4 per linear foot. Have to do the pricing for stairways. Ladders are available also.

  4. Do you sell your N scale container ships? I’m interested in purchasing one for a container ship yard I am building.

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