260′ ATSF Car Ferry & Dock

This is an accurate model, drawn from the plans, of the eight 260′ barges that ferried cars to all of the ATSF’s terminae around SF Bay.  Capacity is about 20 cars, with many limitations about length, position, and weight, leading to many fascinating operations possibilities.

The cast resin hull has many ventilators, access hatches, cleats, bitts and chocks, most hand applied. The bulwarks have the correct openings on each side and are scale thickness, as port and starboard are not identical. The tall capstans are castings derived from the drawings. The raised pilot house is from two layers of .010″ styrene, allowing great detail.. The three tracks will accept C40 through C80 rail.

The completed ferry is $169 without rails installed. An unpainted, unassembled kit is $99. Rails mount quickly into the molded recesses. Note: you will have to obtain rail (not sectional track unless you strip the rails from it) of your choice. Shipping will be actual cost for materials and shipping charges. Note: the pilot house is shipped unmounted.

I placed nine reefers on the barge so that you will have some idea of how long a 260′ barge is (19.5 inches).

The matching dock allows precise alignment of the tracks leading up to the ferry. The dock and the bow of the ship mate with precision, making the loading and unloading trouble-free. Rails are not installed but, like the ferry, mount quickly into molded recesses. Loading and unloading operations often required “sleeper” flatcars between the cars and the engine, to keep weight off the dock, another interesting operations feature.

The dock is $89, unpainted (white). 

Rails, railcars, and tugs are not included.

9.8C 260’ATSF Car Ferry and Dock

Completed barge and positionable dock. You choice of colors, road names and numbers. No track included. Includes $13 US shipping. International shipping please contact peterknolan@gmail.com.


9.8B Car Ferry Only

Barge only; unpainted resin hull; 3D printed pilot cabin and stand; 36 printed deck accessories, includes $13 for US Shipping. International shipping contact peterknolan@gmail.com


9.8D Dock Only

Dock only kit. $8 shipping included.


9.8CT 260′ ATSF Car Ferry and Dock with Track Mounted

Adds mounted track of your choice of brands and height. Land end of bridge left adjustable for alignment with rest of railroad. Track is billed separately.


6 thoughts on “260′ ATSF Car Ferry & Dock

  1. How do I go about ordering? I would like to get two each of the ATSF Car Ferry and Dock if the delivery time is reasonable. Eventually I will also order two ATSF Tugs. I’m building a SF Bay area inspired N Scale layout for operation sessions with friends.

    • Karl,
      I think I’ve run out of the barges and do not know the condition of the molds after three moves in three years. No problem for the docks, but they are useless without the barges. I have plenty of the tugs available, now with a 3D printed superstructure that makes it easy to build.

    • They are currently out of stock and the mold has deteriorated beyond usage. I will be remastering, remolding and recasting this and other out of stock models in the next month or so, so please check back then,

    • Yes, that is possible. I am very willing to answer questions or discuss details via emails (peterknolan@nscale ships.com) or telephone (505-620-7803). Often a caller has much more info about a ship than I do. Usually I answer both here and also with a private emil that may have more details.

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