My New Workshop

Due to Kay’s illness and passing, and then a move to a new residence, I’ve ignored this website and parts of the business for way too long. On September 9, 2019, my new workshop will officially open. It is a finished stall in a three-car garage, with the other two stalls and the entire upstairs available for bulky or messy work like shaping eight-foot N scale hulls or accommodating a paint booth and photo studio.

It represents the first true modeling and manufacturing facility since I left Ohio about four years ago. The workshop has been moved five times since, twice in a hurry, which has led to boxes upon boxes being scrambled each time. I had hoped to open it in February, but historic amounts of rain last winter delayed that earlier opening.

With a new partner in life, I hope to be introducing a comprehensive line of 3D-printed marine parts, along with my long-promised online ordering system. In the works are some projects that have been delayed the last three years. First will be WW II warships, notably Benson and Fletcher destroyers and Atlanta and Cleveland cruisers, followed by a Baltimore cruiser. I have built all of these for customers but now will be able to share them. I’ll also be filling some gaps in the commercial merchant fleet: more small pleasure boats and smaller freighters, tankers and barges.

My thanks to customers who have shown patience during the delays of the past few years.