173′ US Navy Patrol Ship (1942-1970s)

Completed Models reduced 50% to $325.


The US built 450 of the 173′ steel hull Bluffton class subchaser in about 30 months. Some were built along rural river banks on simple keel blocks, with a few tall stepladders. Some served in the Korean war, while others were given to allied countries as patrol ships, and served well in the 1970s.


Capable of 18 knots, they were highly maneuverable and carried a considerable array of sonar and other ranging gear. They were designed to relieve larger and much more expensive destroyers and destroyer escorts of harbor patrol duties.

These are perfect for establishing a military presence in a small harbor. The models are 13″ (330 mm) long and only 1.73″ (44 mm) in beam.


The model includes custom photo etched brass railings with catch fencing and the stanchions spaced correctly. There are more than 200 individual custom made parts, as well as anchors, guns, and rescue gear. The hull is cast resin, with rarely modeled shunwaters. There are only eight hulls and photo etch brass sets available. Kits with the custom photo etch sets are $175; without the custom photo etch but standard railings, kits are $125. Built-ups start at $650 now $325 with the custom brass sets. There are only three completed models and a handful of hulls left. The molds are worn out. Order via email to peterknolan@gmail.com. Paypal to the same address is preferred for now; online order is coming soon.

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