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UNDER RENOVATION 12/20/2020 These are most–but not all– of the N Scale ships that I produce. Not all ships make it onto this web site, so inquire if you have a special request. Many of the ships here are also offered in Z scale. This page is frequently updated, but I  fall behind regularly. Click on the image to go to that ship’s page.

C3 499' Break Bulk Freighter Maplecove

C3 499′ Break Bulk Freighter Maplecove

560' Mobil Engineer Tanker (1972-1993)

560′ Mobil Engineer Tanker (1972-1993)


375′ Modern Feeder Container Ship

487' T2/T3 Converted to Container Ship (Mid-1970s)

487′ T2/T3 Converted to Container Ship (Mid-1970s)

416′ Saskadoc Great Lakes Freighter (1900-1963)


614′ William A. Irvin Great Lakes Freighter

730' Edmund Fitzgerald-Class Lakers

730′ Edmund Fitzgerald-Class Lakers


250′ Self Unloader for 614′ and 735′ Lakers

Hulett Unloader--Coming Soon

Hulett Unloader–NEW! Now available

180' Coastal Freighter/Container/Tanker

180′ Coastal Freighter/Container/Tanker


142′ ATSF San Francisco Bay Tug

260' ATSF Car Ferry & Dock

260′ ATSF Car Ferry & Dock

Twin Harbors Edna G. Steam Tugboat

Twin Harbors Edna G. Steam Tugboat

109' US Navy Tug/Popular Commercial Tug

109′ US Navy Tug/Popular Commercial Tug


210′ Reliance-Class USCG Cutter


125′ Active-Class USCG Cutter

173' Subchaser/Patrol Boat (1942-1970s)

173′ Subchaser/Patrol Boat (1942-1970s)

110' World War II Subchaser

110′ World War II Subchaser

145' German Oceanographic Research Ship Capella

145′ German Oceanographic Research Ship Capella

125' Harbor Cruise "Party" Ship

125′ Harbor Cruise “Party” Ship

180' Inland Ferry

180′ Inland Ferry

90' Passenger/Excursion Boat (Party Ship!)

90′ Passenger/Excursion Boat (Party Ship!)

Three Fishing Vessels (50' Shrimper and 63' and 75'Trawlers)

Three Fishing Vessels (50′ Shrimper and 63′ and 75’Trawlers)

RAnger 4200 Fireboat

142′ RAnger 4200 Fireboat

Toronto Fire Boat

81′ Toronto Fire Boat

90' Chicago Fireboat

90′ Chicago Fireboat

145' Mississippi River Towboat

145′ Mississippi River Towboat

110' Mississippi River Towboat

110′ Mississippi River Towboat

80' Mississippi River Towboat

80′ Mississippi River Towboat

195' x 35' US Standard River Barge (N & Z shown)

195′ x 35′ US Standard River Barge (N & Z shown)

US Standard Barge Covers (Rounded & Peaked)

US Standard Barge Covers (Rounded & Peaked)

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14 thoughts on “N Scale Ship Index

    • Hi John,

      If you mean riverboat with paddlewheels, no. The Delta Queen-style five decker would be a massive project. There have been a few kits that were close to N scale. I do not generally do models that have been commercially produced. I may try a modest 158′ packet steamer but that is a few years away. I commissioned some brass paddle wheels a few years ago. They turned out so hard to build (and very expensive) that I’ve never offered them.

      Now, I’ve built many steam-powered ships ranging from tugboats to coastal freighters to Liberty ships so if you are looking for something in that range, I might have it.


      Peter Nolan

  1. Hello, Peter. My name is Nikolai and I am also fond of ship modeling. I am very interested in the fire boat Wm Lyon MacKenzie and I plan to build its RC copy. The Internet offers a ton of photos for him, but plans is a challenge. Which plans you used to create your model. On site http://russelbrothers.com presented several sheets, but they are not very informative and do not have frames. I apologize for my English, Google helped me))) Regards, Nikolai Alakshin.

  2. Hi
    I’m building a replica of Pearl Harbor and was wondering some ships that are about 3 and 3/4 in roughly around in scale size and I believe do you all have any of these replica ships from the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7th 1942?

    • David,

      No, I don’t have any of the major ships in Pearl Harbor. I do have a contemporary Cleveland-class heavy cruiser (the Indianapolis) and Benson-class destroyers but those were not present to my knowledge. And I do have an Iowa-class battleship but that came later. I am not sure what scale you are mentioning. 3-3/4″ in length for ships would be more in the 1/1200 or even 1/2400 scale and should be available as resin models. An N scale diorama of Pearl Harbor would be very sizeable!

  3. Hello can you please email me concerning the modern Feeder container ship. Interested in kit form and information pertaining to the build.
    Thank you

  4. hi all
    I model in n scale railway modelling in the uk. I am looking for two ship of a cargo/freighter type from the 1940s to the 1960s I am trying to keep them to scale if possible around the 1.148th scale what type of ship do you sell ??

    karl richardson

  5. Hi, I do N scale trains and I have a ferry terminal placed on my layout. Are you ever thinking of doing another ferry like north american west coast, bc ferries etc. ?

    • I have a second railcar ferry in the works–the “sister” ship of the Incan Superior. An auto ferry is appealing but it is about two years out and behind a few bulk carriers.

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