Spring 2015 Announcements

After my winter hiatus to Alabama, here’s what’s coming in the next few weeks. All are available in N and Z scale (or other scales). Prices are my estimates and could rise or fall a bit as we get experience cutting and packaging them. Prices are for kits; built-ups for these are now quoted independently and will be scheduled on a first-come, first built basis.

A 250′ self-unloader for Great Lakes freighters. This will be positionable, and capable of being movable. Kit price will be about $70.

A Hulett Unloader in N and Z. Like the self-unloader, this will be positionable and capable of automating by intrepid modelers. Kit price will be about $95. The brass kit for railings and stairways will be about $35.

A 180′ auto ferry for protected routes such as the Wadden Sea in Europe or around Seattle. Kit price around $95

A 90′ passenger ferry/cruise ship that is smaller, sleeker and faster than my Port Welcome. Where the Port Welcome weighed in at 105 tons, this one weighs less than 50 tons, so it is much narrower. Kit price about $70.

A 65′ shrimper/crabber suitable for anywhere around the world. Kit price about $40 with booms and brass. Full side decals for the waterline hull eliminate the need for painting–an experiment on my part. Kit price about $60.

An 80′ fishing vessel (single hold) and 90′ fishing vessel (double holds). These also have hull decals. Kit price about $60.

A 145′ oceanographic research ship, the German Capella. Details to come. Kit will be about $200; built-ups start at $1100.

And now, for the big ships:

The C3 Beavercove is now available as a kit. The N scale kit is $545; the Z scale kit is $495. There is an enormous amount of styrene, brass, posts & booms, and details in these kits. Built-ups start at $4000.00.

The Contra Costa car ferry from San Francisco. This 433′ x 117′ side paddlewheel may be the largest ship by weight ever built from wood. The house sides, each with hundreds of window panes, will be etched brass sheets. Price TBD for kits, but probably about $600; built-ups start at $4000.00. I’m not sure how many modelers have ever attempted this model, but this will be your chance. The brass alone will be about $150. The earlier Solano can be custom-ordered; it will be more expensive due to the curved tracks and center house for the A-beams of the steam engines, and offset paddles.

I also began work on various dock facilities, such as a modular ore dock for a Twin Harbors-like scene; a container crane; stay tuned.

I’ll get pictures uploaded and posted as time permits.

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