Chessie System Tug in N and Z

The Chessie was a compact 95-foot powerhouse built in 1984 for the Chessie Systems marine operations. Twin diesels driving twin propellers and a Kort maneuvering nozzle produced a total of 4000 HP. While only 95′ long, the tug weighed in at a hefty 280 tons. It and its sister, the Seaboard, operated around Philadelphia; they were purchased by McAllister Towing & Transportation and operate today out of New York and Norfolk in the company’s red. black and white colors.


The model captures the handsome and hefty lines of the prototype. It features custom photo-etched brass railings with closely-spaced stanchions, fold-down mast and antennae, custom 3D printed towing bitts and water cannons, and bulwark ribbing. Doors are positionable. The hull is built up from precision-cut styrene. Z Scale model shown.


Kits are $79 plus shipping.

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